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Spatchcocked – The Holoday Special


Live from the Pacific Northwest, where Dave lives and John is visiting to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the boys are back and sitting down together literally minutes after John saw the film.

After a long discussion of travel, train wrecks, the RMS TiTanic and turkey, they will spoil the daylights out of it for you!

But first, they will warn you. Sternly and repeatedly to stop listening because they are about to discuss The Last Jedi. So once you get your warning (around 44:46) DO NOT LISTEN FURTHER unless you want to heard about Star Wars The Last Jedi.

Up to that point, you’re okay and you’ll have a delicious holoday helping of Dave & John and why Belsnickle needs to make a comeback to make Christmas “better…”


I Know a Guy

57742715The boys are back! Should they be freaking out over the Glorious Peoples Democratic Republic of Korea? Or is it just the smell of the Kim-Chi in Dave’s second refrigerator?

Meanwhile, some Manteca Farmers – not Chris Teicheria who was off being funny with DasĀ German (Das – the singular, see? A little foreshadowing), save Manteca from imminent and ToTaL destruction.

Dave is having the kind of day that will make you want to take drugs. Except that you can’t. Why not? Because the pharmacy has become an impossible place to get them!

John is doing great! Although his work managed to offend his own sister… Read the rest of this entry

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