Meet the Crew

Dave Bowman

Dave Bowman

A former US Navy Submariner and nuclear weapons specialist, with a wife who works nights, four adult daughters, two sons-in-laws, two grandkids (+1 coming soon!) and a six year old Youtuber Roblox playing son, Dave never sleeps. His tortured soul deals with politics and news issues every day. He finds his solace in baseball, Star Trek, coffee and the occasional beating he takes from John’s rapier wit and equal Bacon number. Dave once met Richard Nixon – well, he was there when Air Force One landed in Denver – and claims that he “knew he was guilty because I could see it in his soul.”


John Considine

With his magnificent beard and his infect you like Ebola laugh, John is the Yang to Dave’s Yen. Opposite, yet incomplete without each other, it is John who brings peace to Dave’s tortured soul with his eclectic wit and vast and superior knowledge of all things culture. A “foodie” and a major league gamer, John has a Bacon number of 3 and was once almost killed by a famous actor – or at least who threatened to kill John – okay, wanted to push him down a hill – who we can’t name because he might sue us for saying that even though it’s completely true.

The Arch-nemesis of the Show

Mazzy as he appears in Human Form

Mazzy as he appears in Human Form

The Ghost of Mazzy is hated by virtually every person who has ever had the misfortune of hearing the Satanesque tones emitting from the bowels of hell which is his mind. The sole reason for his existence is to torment both Dave & John and the listener. He serves to remind them that evil remains in the world, and must be faced – like Luke in the weird tree where he kills Vader and sees his own face in the decapitated head, which would mean that there is some good in Mazzy but nobody has found it so far and we don’t have years to wait for his kids to grow up – in order to remind our heroes that people are funny critters. .


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