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Best Friends and Benedicks

The Boys are back! After a long hot summer, Dave and John are finally back to cool your fevered brow with a look at their summers, weird Native American place names, food, movies and why the major studios don’t want to take any risks on new ideas.

Funservatives and the Vegas Shooting, and why AJ is at it again.

Our friends – you – are why we do this. We love to hear from you and we love to have you participate.

Should the guys bring back Top 5 since other shows don’t seem to get how to do it right?

Tom Petty would not back down…


Punishering the Frork

The boys are back for one last rodeo before the big move for Dave to the PACNORWEST.

Netflix has ruined watching television. How? They’ll explain it.

Is McDonald’s going to destroy the fork?

The move to Bremerton (no longer Tacoma) is going about as well as expected, which means that things are stressful and tragic at Dave’s house.

The Punisher is a anti-hero. Or an anti-villain. Depends on who you’re talking to at the moment. The point is his symbol, the skull with the long teeth, is showing up everywhere. And we mean everywhere. Even at least one terrorist organization in the Middle East have adopted it, though they hate all things American.

John visits Modesto for a really good and fun cause.

That’s it for the boys until September. Enjoy the summer!

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