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Like Tears In the Rain

The Boys are back together and talking about one of their favorite things – Science fiction!

Justin Timberlake is back as the Super Bowl halftime show. Given what happened last time he showed up, and the way it effected Dave & John’s daily business, they have some concerns about the whole thing. Plus, if Christopher Walken isn’t part of the show, it will absolutely suck.

Top 5 Science Fiction Films are the sujet du jure, and believe me, Dave & John have some strong ideas about what makes their favorite films worthy of inclusion.

Now, there are some caveats. First, Demolition Man is the de facto Numéro Un. It is THE Official Film of Afternoons Live with Dave & John, and if you haven’t seen it, you can’t really be a total fan until you have. So you  skip to the next five in order. Also, John is presumed to have Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back is the go to film. 

So other than those, Dave & John will give you their Top 5 Sci-Fi Films and hope that the future of science fiction doesn’t disappear, like tears in the rain…


Best Friends and Benedicks

The Boys are back! After a long hot summer, Dave and John are finally back to cool your fevered brow with a look at their summers, weird Native American place names, food, movies and why the major studios don’t want to take any risks on new ideas.

Funservatives and the Vegas Shooting, and why AJ is at it again.

Our friends – you – are why we do this. We love to hear from you and we love to have you participate.

Should the guys bring back Top 5 since other shows don’t seem to get how to do it right?

Tom Petty would not back down…

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