101 Uses For an Air Compressor

If the Earth is round, should some of these be tilted?

Dave & John share their thoughts on the whole Flat Earth versus Space X conflict, including reading tweets from Tila Tequila, who is not convinced that New York City should be standing up straight. It kind of frustrates Dave because, you know.,.. science.

There’s a new Star wars “fan” trailer out, and that is what frustrates John, because he gave up precious sleep and a life-long friendship to view it.

Dave built a gate. And now that has the boys wishing for more tools and manly things, including an air compressor.

Not they’d actually use it or even know what to do with it…


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  1. I’ve been thinking of the air compressor question all week! Curse you both…ugh. You see I own one. When my wife came to me and requested that I install board and batten on one of our family room walls, I explained that I don’t possibly have the tools necessary and must, MUST I say have an air compressor and a pneumatic nail gun to complete that task. Therein, however, lies the answer to your question. Owning an air compressor opens up an entire set of NEW TOOLS to own! Win-win I say. 🙂

    That and it has been rather handy to air up car tires or dust things off when needed.

    Cheers gents!



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