Episode 1 Pre-Show – The Mango Salsa

Episode 1 – Monday, August 11, 2014

bag_3The boys are back! They have an hour a day to entertain and amuse you as they look at the world and all the Not-Topic-A issues that all the other shows (EVEN DAVE’S SHOW) ignore. Join them every weekday (except Mondays and Thursday during the NFL season) for that same great Dave & John flavor, with 1/3rd the Calories!

So by now – unless you live under a rock or are an anti-interwebs zealot, you’ve seen the story of the man who BOUGHT ALL THE PIES AT  BURGER KING to spite a miscreant of a child in line behind him. So was it the right thing to do? Does it make the person who did it an asshole? Did a NASCAR driver get away with murder in front of millions? Why Dave still hates iTunes and have you tried any of the new Lay’s Potato Chip flavors? Why? I mean, what did you think of them?


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