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The Once and Future King

The first – and apparently only – episode of The Dave and John Show

As Robin Williams passes away, Dave is facing yet another crappy Shark Week. The man who rescued John Kennedy dies and Dave is frustrated that nobody cares that Russia is about to invade Ukraine.


Episode 1 Pre-Show – The Mango Salsa

Episode 1 – Monday, August 11, 2014

bag_3The boys are back! They have an hour a day to entertain and amuse you as they look at the world and all the Not-Topic-A issues that all the other shows (EVEN DAVE’S SHOW) ignore. Join them every weekday (except Mondays and Thursday during the NFL season) for that same great Dave & John flavor, with 1/3rd the Calories!

So by now – unless you live under a rock or are an anti-interwebs zealot, you’ve seen the story of the man who BOUGHT ALL THE PIES AT  BURGER KING to spite a miscreant of a child in line behind him. So was it the right thing to do? Does it make the person who did it an asshole? Did a NASCAR driver get away with murder in front of millions? Why Dave still hates iTunes and have you tried any of the new Lay’s Potato Chip flavors? Why? I mean, what did you think of them?

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